Glamglow SUPERSERUM 1.0 oz


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Are you frustrated with your uneven skin tone? Do you find yourself plagued with acne scars? These problems can be handled. Reclaim clarity and youth by adopting Glamglow SUPERSERUM 1.0 oz. one of the best facial skin care products on the market! This effective formula exfoliates and moisturizes to improve your glow and complexion.

A fresh shine relies on healthy, nourished skin. When dead skin accumulates on the face, complexion fades. Using a six acid combination such as PHA, AHA and BHA, this serum exfoliates the upper layer, removing dry cells and encouraging new growth. This preps the skin for a new start and promotes an even tone.

Irritating fine lines often develop from dry skin. It’s not enough to remove them. This formula goes a step further, infusing hyaluronic acid that hydrates and refreshes problem areas. The result is fewer wrinkles. Activated charcoal then works to unclog pores that lead to blackheads and acne.


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