How To Play Beauty Roulette

How to play die 1


Browse the site and add your desired items for purchase to the shopping cart (Duh, right? Just wait…!)

Beauty Roulette Checkout Die


Whenever you’re ready, complete the checkout process as usual by entering your billing, shipping, and credit card information.

Now here’s where the “Roulette” part comes in: before you submit and complete your order, select a number 1-4 from the wheel. This number will serve as your Beauty Roulette number and will enter you into the daily giveaway.

How to play die 3


Sit back and relax while your destiny is determined!

Each day using a random number generator, a number 1-4 will be drawn by SCA Promotions, a neutral third party operator. This number will serve as the Beauty Roulette giveaway number of the day.

Beauty Roulette How it Works Die 4


If the number you selected at checkout matches the giveaway number drawn for that day, you will not be charged for your order upon shipment!

Yes, you read that right, your ENTIRE order will be 100% free of charge! 

Whatever your fate may be, you will be notified via email.

we hope you enjoy your new products and try your luck with us again soon!
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