Glamglow BRIGHTMUD 0.5 oz


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Brighten up your complexion and your skincare regime with this exfoliating mask that pulls double duty for your skin woes. Whether you’re dealing with textural issues or dullness, the Glamglow BRIGHTMUD 0.5 oz face mask could become an integral part of your weekly routine. Whether your skin type is oily, normal, dry or combination, this mask can help you reveal more glowing and even skin.

A combination of AHA and BHA acids in the form of lactic and salicylic acids help accelerate your rate of cell turn over to provide gentle chemical exfoliation. Niacinamide, along with a vitamin C complex, provides brightening powers and helps perks up dull complexions. The micro-fine pumice offers physical exfoliation to get rid of flakiness, roughness, unevenness and dead skin cells.


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