CHI Moisturize It Up Duo 32 oz


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When you are wondering what shampoo to use for dry hair, look no further than CHI Keratin Reconstructing Shampoo. Infuse your damaged and brittle hair strands with moisture to restore natural and nourishing keratin levels. This shampoo is a gentle cleanser that reconstructs damaged hair and prevents future breakage by sealing the cuticle. Enjoy the increased shine after you shampoo your hair.

Infuse your hair with enormous amounts of moisture when you use Chi Keratin Reconstructing Conditioner. This product provides deep conditioning for dry hair that reconstructs the hair with essential oils and keratin to rejuvenate brittle hair strands. It also seals and strengthens the cuticle to prevent future damage. Enjoy the smoothness and shine of healthy hair once again when you start using this conditioner.