Paul Mitchell Color Protect Daily Shampoo 10.14 oz & Color Protect Daily Conditioner 10.14 oz Combo Pack


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Does your color fade only days after leaving the salon? It can be disappointing to spend money on the perfect color only to lose it in no time, but CC Color Protect Daily Shampoo 10.14OZ/300mL can help you preserve your color while creating even more beautiful hair. A hydrating color protection formula creates healthy authentic color. Natural sunflower extract works to harness each strand in a UV protective shield that prevents fading from the sun. This powerful formula creates bright vivid color making it one of the top hair care products on the market, and this incredible shampoo not only protects your color but also works to create healthy manageable strands. Added detangling and smoothing ingredients ensure that your colored hair remains smooth and soft with extra moisture. Even with all this power, the formula remains lightweight and refreshing. As a best shampoo for color treated hair, the formula is a complete daily product designed to create perfect locks every day. Don’t find yourself without this industry favorite.

Don’t let your beautifully colored strands lose their luster. CC Color Protect Daily Conditioner 10.14OZ/300mL helps you preserve your color long after you leave the stylist. The easy daily treatment is chock full of natural ingredients that create the beautiful luxurious locks you have been longing for. Based in natural sunflower extract, the treatment works to engulf your strands in UVA/UVB protection. This crafted shield prevents fading as a result of daily sun damage. As the best deep conditioner for color treated hair, it not only works to preserve color but also works to infuse your hair with the ingredients it needs to remain healthy. The nourishing formula injects moisture into each strand, smoothing and restoring your locks to their natural beauty. It doesn’t stop there as strands are strengthened, eliminating frizz and flyaways and creating greater manageability. As one of the top hair care products out there, you won’t want to be left without it as it becomes part of your daily routine.


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