Yankee Candle Signature Large Tumbler Spiced Pumpkin 20 oz


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When it comes to home candles perfect for ushering in the delightful fall season, none can top the Yankee Candle Signature Large Tumbler in Spiced Pumpkin. This 20-ounce, autumn-inspired sensation hits just the spot when you want to fill your home with the alluring and pleasing aroma of fall-time pumpkins.

Filled with hints of both sweet and spice, the fragrance of this Yankee Candle selection is exactly what you would get if you took the time to bake fresh pumpkin pulp with nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and brown sugar. The featured notes in the Spiced Pumpkin scent include juicy orange, zesty citrus, spiced pumpkin, warm clove, sweet cinnamon, comforting vanilla and hints of other inviting baking spices.


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