Yankee Candle Signature Large Tumbler Iced Berry Lemonade 20 oz


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The perfect refreshing candle for a bright, hot and sunny day, the Yankee Candle Signature Large Tumbler in Iced Berry Lemonade was meant to invoke pleasurable thoughts of basking under the sun while indulging in a sweet drink on the patio. Take in the fragrance of this 20-ounce candle and you cannot help but be transported to your favorite sun-drenched location as you partake in a refreshing iced drink among friends and loved ones.

Bursting with fresh citrus goodness that is always delightful and welcome on a scorching day, the candle fragrance features notes of bright lemon, zesty grapefruit and juicy, ripe strawberries. The aroma is even perfect for setting the tone for a worry-free and summer vacation-like vibe, even when there is none in sight.


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