Wet Brush – Pro Paddle Detangler ( 1 Brush)


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With this styling product, you don’t have to deal with tears and rips when you’re brushing your hair after a shower. The Wet Brush Pro Paddle Detangler was specially designed for wet hair, so you can effortlessly detangle your locks without a fuss, even when you’re fresh out of a shower. With a convenient wide paddle design, this brush works especially well on thick hair that is normally difficult to brush. Perfect for all hair types, this brush also works well on dry hair as well, so you can brush your hair any time without unnecessary pain. Use for men, women and kids.

For best results, begin brushing in small sections, starting at the ends of your hair. Gently work your way through the shaft and up to the roots until the section is completely detangled before moving on to the next. In addition to human hair of any type, this brush also works well on artificial hair such as wigs and extensions.

How to Use

Use on dry hair. Brush through hair in long strokes from roots to ends.


  • plastic
  • Nylon 66