Wet Brush – Pro Original Detangler (1 Brush) Pink


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For those times when your hair is difficult to detangle, this styling product will save the day. This hairbrush was specifically designed to glide through your hair without ripping and pulling, even when it is completely wet fresh out of the bath. The IntelliFlex bristles are bendy and soft for maximum flexibility while you work on your hair to prevent any unnecessary tearing. Even though it was designed for wet hair, this product is also great for dry hair of any type. Whether your hair is straight as an arrow or full of bouncy curls, this hairbrush will keep your locks tangle free. This hair brush comes in an adorable pink color.

To use, start brushing through your wet or dry hair from the ends, slowly working your way through the shaft toward the roots. For particularly tangled hair, work through one small section at a time. This hairbrush is perfect for women, men and children as well as hair extensions and wigs.

How to Use

Use on dry hair. Brush through hair in long strokes from roots to ends.


  • plastic
  • Nylon 66