Wet Brush – Pro Original Detangler (1 Brush) Black


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The Pro Original Detangler by Wet Brush is an innovative, stress-free hair care product. Whether you have curly hair, straight hair, or somewhere in-between, this brush provides pain-free detangling for any hair length.
The silky-smooth black surface and flexible bristles are ideal for wet hair, but can be used with wet or dry hair to easily straighten any tangles without knotting.
Use this brush to de-frizz and de-knot your hair. It’s not recommended for use with a blow dryer, but you can safely brush before or after drying.
Unlike ordinary brushes that uncomfortable pull your hair, a Wet Brush is gentle enough for even the softest and curliest hair. Even kids love the soft bristles and smooth gliding of this popular detangler. It’s an affordable way to achieve salon-style silky, smooth hair every day.
For a more muted, sensible look, choose the black Pro Original Detangler. It’s a great choice to match your style and other brushes and combs. Or, choose another, vibrant color of Wet Brush.

How to Use

Use on dry hair. Brush through hair in long strokes from roots to ends.


  • plastic
  • Nylon 66