UNITE Hair Boosta Shampoo 33.8 oz & Boosta Conditioner Hair Treatment 33.8 oz Combo Pack


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If your hair is dry and thin, UNITE Boosta Shampoo can rehydrate and volumize your hair. Attain the thick, beautiful hair that you want by using this hair product.

This shampoo for volume is not only successful at giving you the look you want, but also easy to use. Simply wash your hair with the indulgent shampoo and watch as it builds body and moisturizes your hair.

Do you want volume without heaviness? This shampoo for dry hair leaves your hair with weightless volume for a thick look without the added pressure of your hair weighing you down.

Boosta Shampoo also ensures a gentle clean. It has no added sulfates, parabens, or sodium chloride, so it provides you with the safest clean possible.

If rehydrating, volumizing, and gentle cleansing are not enough, this shampoo also aids in color protection. Apply UNITE Boosta Shampoo to wet hair and rinse until you get the look that you want. For added benefits, follow Boosta Shampoo use with Boosta Conditioner treatment. You will not go back!

Unite Boosta Conditioner is a volumizing hair product that provides body and shine to your hair. Do not be content with dry, lifeless hair. Instead, invest in this conditioner for your hair care needs.

If you want protection in addition to volume, Boosta Conditioner is for you. While giving your hair thick body, this product protects your beautiful color. The conditioner is also sodium chloride-free and paraben-free for more protection to you and your hair.

The formula does even more than add volume and protect color. It also nourishes your hair back to life. Make sure each strand shines and each root stays lifted and highlighted by using Boosta Conditioner.

Lastly, make your hair stronger by using this hair product. The conditioner strengthens each strand to enhance your natural look.

Simply apply UNITE Boosta Conditioner to your hair, leave it in your hair for one to three minutes, and then rinse out the product. Use UNITE Boosta Shampoo, as well, for even better results.


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