TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes Recovery 2 Shampoo 8.45 oz & Bed Head Recovery 2 Conditioner 6.76 oz Combo Pack


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Tigi Bed Head Urban Antidotes Recovery 2 Shampoo is your answer to an anti-frizz, anti-breakage shampoo. Hair becomes weak for a lot of reasons, sometimes it’s simply the environment outside. Other times, it’s through product usage and hot tools. Fortunately, this shampoo is enriched to prevent breakage, split ends and is designed to repair damage. With a gentle cleansing formula, say goodbye to dirt and oil and hello to hydration.

Like skin, your hair is susceptible to many unintended elements (smoke or humidity) as well as those which you might choose (heat or chemicals). That being said, it’s no surprise dry hair is common. TIGI Bed Head Recovery 2 Conditioner leaves no gaps in terms of taking care of your strands.
Loaded with vitamins, antidotes, and various nutrients, this unique formula mends existing damage while also fighting humidity and protecting against heat. Thanks to the turbo hydration molecules, your locks will bounce back to their normal state in no time.
To make things better, this formula is completely safe for color-treated hair. So, even if you keep coloring your hair, this conditioner will provide consistent protection against further damage and will maintain soft, shiny strands.
TIGI Recovery 2 Conditioner is not only safe to use daily, but will calm frizz naturally, provide a rush of hydration, and even stop those persistent split ends. It’s never too late to get your hair on the mend!


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