TIGI Bed Head Recovery Moisture Rush Shampoo 13.53 oz


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If you’re plagued by dry hair, there is a remedy to soothe your tired, brittle frizz! With TIGI Bed Head Recovery Moisture Rush Shampoo 13.53 oz, you receive intense hydration that calms craziness and makes manageability in sight! Get healthy today, reviving your style with a professional hair care product designed to heal dry hair.

Like the rest of the body, hydration is essential. When moisture is lacking, hair loses its vibrance, volume and strength. This effective shampoo penetrates deep within strands to deliver moisture and obtain results. It offers a thorough cleanse, removing oils and dirt while also booting water levels. Crafted with glycerin, hair follicles receive immediate nourishment and the ability to retain hydration throughout the day.


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