TIGI Bed Head Beach Me Gel Mist 3.4 oz 2 Pack


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Beachy waves are the iconic summer hairstyle, but you don’t have to go to the beach or wait until summer to have them. With TIGI Bed Head Beach Me Gel Mist, you can achieve loose, disheveled waves any time of the year, no beach necessary. Bed Head is known for its quality line of hair products, particularly for wavy or curly hair. It developed this mist with marine algae extract so that you can boast oceanic waves all day.

Fresh from the shower, apply this mist to damp hair. Then, scrunch the spray in and let it air dry. For added fizz control or extra hold on particularly stubborn hair, you can add an extra layer. This formula feels like magic on your hair, transforming it from simple waves to beachy texture in no time. Unlike some hairsprays which make your hair feeling heavy, this is a light, airy hold. Your hair will stay soft and crunch-free, not to mention, it will smell great.


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