Sexy Hair Smooth Sexy Hair Smooth & Seal 6 oz 2 Pack


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Whether your hair tends to deflate or grow when humidity hits, protect it with Sexy Hair Smooth & Seal. You’ve taken the time to perfect your look before heading out for your day, so make sure you insure it against humidity, frizz and flyaways. All it takes is a simple spray of this formula to smooth strands and send those hair ailments packing.
Sexy Hair’s spray is effective by sealing the cuticle of each strand, which enhances the appearance of your hair’s luscious shine. It also eliminates unsightly frizz, protects your style and shields locks from harmful environmental factors that can wreak havoc on tresses.
Formulated with healthful coconut oil, this smoothing powerhouse also works to soften and relax even the driest of hair. The effective concoction provides protection from damage during heat styling, or while hair is exposed to hazardous UV rays. The formula is safe to use on all hair types, including manes with extensions or that have been color treated.


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