Rusk Sheer Brilliance 4.2 oz 2 Pack


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When you’re searching for a great damaged hair treatment for your frizzled locks, Rusk Sheer Brilliance delivers the protection you need without weighing your mane down. This easy-to-use hair smoother brings your tresses back under control, leaving you looking great and ready for whatever your day brings.

Rusk developed this amazing smoothing and shining polisher as an alcohol-free, lightweight formula that brings hope to everyone who’s ever wondered how they’ll ever rein in their unmanageable, overstressed mane. Whether you’re suffering from frizzy locks or split ends, Sheer Brilliance has the power to tame even the wildest hair.

Adding this powerful hair treatment to your daily routine is a snap. Just rub 2-5 drops between your palms and smooth it evenly into your hair. Protect your locks from heat by adding Sheer Brilliance to dry hair or make styling easier by using it on your wet hair.

Sheer Brilliance is an environmentally-friendly smoothing and shining polisher that does not contain sulfates or parabens.