Redken Extreme Conditioner 10.1 oz


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Having trouble with tangled, unruly tresses? Is your hair constantly bone-dry? Forget your bad hair days ever existed with Redken Extreme Conditioner, a formula specially designed for dry, damaged hair.
Redken, an American-based hair care brand, has developed this highly-popular conditioner with proteins and protective lipids, finishing it off with a clean, luscious scent containing hints of blueberry. While the formula conditions your hair, it also detangles and strengthens each stand like never before.
If you’re worried about sun damage to your hair, Redken Extreme Conditioner has you covered. The formula’s proteins and protective lipid coating will keep your hair protected even on the sunniest of days. UV rays and chemical blowouts won’t stand a chance, and your hair will retain a healthy sheen for much longer.
This light yet powerful conditioner will leave your locks feeling as smooth as having just left the salon. The formula is suitable for daily use. For best results, use after cleansing hair thoroughly with shampoo


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