R+CO Television Perfect Hair Shampoo 33.8 oz & Television Perfect Hair Conditioner 33.8 oz Combo Pack


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Did you ever wish your hair could look as good as the locks you see on TV? Then R+Co Television Perfect Hair Shampoo is just what you need.

The juniper berry extract in this shampoo removes toxins from your hair follicles. It also hydrates your locks while maintaining the perfect balance of oil in your scalp. This extract works with babassu seed oil and glycerin to produce silky, voluminous locks.

R+Co Television Perfect Hair Conditioner will give you screen-ready locks in no time. Your hair will have plenty of strength and body, and it will look shiny and smooth. This conditioner even features a warm scent made of cardamom, pineapple and tangerine.

The conditioner also features juniper berry extract, which soaks up excess dirt and impurities in your hair. Meanwhile, the babassu seed oil moisturizes and restores your locks.


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