R+CO Rockaway Salk Spray 4.2 oz 2 Pack


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You might not have the time or proximity to spend a day at the beach, but with R+CO Rockaway Salt Spray, your hair can look like you did. Replicating that look while at work or school is almost second best to actually being there yourself.

With cranesbill as a main ingredient, your hair gains an incredible amount of volume, giving it that wind-blown look by swelling the hair shaft. Yarrow plant extract also increases the hair’s volume and fullness, and keeps the integrity of hair intact. Balm mint keeps your color from fading and Vitamin C protects your hair from damage.

Made cruelty free and gluten free, you can feel guilt free when spraying this into your hair each morning. It is also free of mineral oils, sulfate, parabens and petrolatum.

Don’t stand out in the wind to try and achieve a windy beach look. R+CO has got you covered with Rockaway Salt Spray so you can have that rough, sexy look you enjoy so much.


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