R+CO One Prep Spray 8.5 oz 2 Pack


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Protect your hair from what you’re about to do to it with R+CO One Prep Spray. One is basically a protective coating that allows other products to attach to the hair as they should. With even distribution, your hair will be looking better than ever.

This spray is perfect when used as a light conditioner or detangler. If you’re a stylist looking for a one-of-a-kind cutting lotion, this is your product. Use it as a revitalizer to give your hair that extra boost. With so many uses, it’s a product you simply can’t do without.

One is made with only the finest ingredients. For a moisture sealer, aloe leaf extract is included. Cucumber fruit extract creates an elasticity that gives your locks a little bounce. Coconut oil emphasizes the thick structure of the hair, giving you that fuller look. Cruelty free means you won’t have to double check the ingredients to feel guilt free about using it.

R+CO is all about the feels, and you’ll get that from the clever packaging, the subtle scents and the high quality product itself.


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