R+CO Motorcycle Flexible Gel 5 oz 2 Pack


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If you need a hair gel that won’t weigh you down, then this is the product for you. R+Co Motorcycle Flexible Gel gives you versatile style without chunky residue.

This lightly fragranced gel can be used in any way you want it: whether you want a piecey style with defined sections or a smooth, slicked-back look, this has you covered. It even works if you want flexible curls that stay in place all day long.

For a heavily defined style, apply to wet hair and separate the pieces. Once it dries you’ll have a unique look that will last all day. For a smoother look, simply apply to wet hair and brush with your fingers to smooth it out. If curls are more your style, apply down the strands of hair in sections and use a diffuser to dry.

This functional hair gel will work for you any way you style you hair, from shorter cuts to longer ones, so you don’t have to search for a new product every time you reimagine your style.


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