R+CO Dallas Thickening Shampoo 33.8 oz & Dallas Thickening Conditioner 33.8 oz Combo Pack


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When you add R+CO Dallas Thickening Shampoo to your hair care regimen, you can transform flat, limp locks into the bouncy, voluminous tresses of your dreams. Designed to infuse hair with vital minerals and nutrients, this formula leaves your hair with a beautiful, radiant shine. This product is gentle enough for daily use and thoroughly cleanses your locks to rejuvenate their appearance.

Designed to give your hair incredible volume, R+CO Dallas Thickening Conditioner works to infuse tresses with vital moisture to improve their texture and appearance. This formula is gentle enough to be used daily and leaves your hair softer and more manageable. Adding this product to your daily hair care regimen leaves your tresses looking vibrant and radiant with a beautiful, healthy shine.


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