R+CO Atlantis Moisturizing Shampoo 8.5 oz & Atlantis Moisturizing Conditioner 8.5 oz Combo Pack


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R+Co Atlantis Moisturizing Shampoo is a moisturizing shampoo for dry hair. It helps bring life back into hair that has been bleached, sun-damaged, or damaged from excessive heat treatment. Its hydrating qualities penetrate each hair shaft, working even on the thickest hair. The shampoo prevents color fading and frizziness, and also cleanses the hair and scalp of buildup.
The fragrance for this perfume is the nuanced, complex scent Rosy Eyed. It has notes of wild fig, tonka beans, cedarwood, bergamot, lotus flower and cyclamen. The notes range from a bitter citrus to subtle aromatics, creating a sweet, earthy scent.
Atlantis contains a variety of natural ingredients sourced from around the world. Vegetable proteins strengthen hair and promote growth, working from the outside down to the inner structure. Nettle from Malaysia works as an anti-fading agent, to preserve hair color.
Portugal-gathered rosemary keeps scalps healthy by removing product and dead skin from the scalp. Silky, smooth hair results from the shampoo’s infusion of babassu oil from Brazil. Witch hazel harvested in Japan helps moisturize and reduces frizziness.

Revitalize and nourish your hair with deep conditioning from R+co. Their Atlantis Moisturizing Conditioner can hydrate even the driest areas to bring it back to life.

What makes Atlantis unlike other conditioners? The combination of natural ingredients such as witch hazel, rosemary, and nettle, sourced from around the world, work together to invigorate your scalp and add back whatever your styling routine or the environment strips away.

This conditioner is ideal for coarse, curly, thick, or dry hair types. Just apply it to the driest areas of your hair after you shampoo, avoiding the scalp and concentrating on the ends. If you want deeper conditioning, you can leave it on your hair for up to ten minutes.

The pleasant scent blends bergamot, lotus flower, cedarwood, wild fig, and other botanicals to create a slightly floral fragrance with spicy undertones. This product is cruelty-free and vegan. Get ready to love how healthy your hair can look with this and other products from R+co’s haircare line.