PRAVANA Creme Developer 30 Volume 33.8 oz


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PRAVANA Creme Developer 30 Volume, 33.8 oz. should be your go-to for superior hair color products. This developer works with the ChromaSilk Hair Color product to lighten your hair gently and safely. Use this product for lightening your hair up to 2 levels. With an approximate processing time of 40 minutes, you?ll love the brighter effects this offers your hair. Suitable for salon professionals and home users alike.

How to Use

10 volume - Level of lift: Minimal Processing time: 30 minutes 20 volume - Level of lift: 1 level (standard for gray coverage) Processing time: 35 minutes/45 for resistant gray 30 volume - Level of lift: 2 levels (for lighter brighter effects) Processing time: 40 minutes 40 volume - Level of lift: 3 levels (for maximum lift) Processing time: 45 minutes 30 or 40 + 000 - Level of lift: 4 levels (for super lighteners) Processing time: 45 minutes