Paul Mitchell Extra Body Sculpting Foam 6.7 oz & Extra Body Finishing Spray 9.5 oz Combo Pack


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Paul Mitchell Extra Body Sculpting Foam is among the best products for curly hair. While giving fine hair more volume and lightweight body, this conditioning foam has emollients that help moisturize and control hair for bouncy, soft, and controlled locks.

The sculpting foam thickens hair, making it more shiny and manageable. It’s great to use on full blowouts and is color-safe. Apply it evenly through either wet or dry hair before blow-drying or style as you wish.

Enjoy the volume this airy and fluffy white foam produces, along with the lemon and lime scent. The ginger in the foam gives your hair moisture and shine while copolymers supply the flexible body and hold. The foam does not contain gluten or parabens.

Paul Mitchell Extra Body Sculpting Foam is one of several professional hair care products in the Extra Body line that volumize and boost body. Besides shampoo and conditioner, there are styling products from gel and foam to styling liquid and sprays.

Achieving your perfect style and then keeping it in place throughout the day may seem like a feat to accomplish. As one of the best hair products for thin hair, Paul Mitchell’s Extra Body Finishing Spray not only gives you superior hold for hours, it also lifts your hair right at the root for the optimum volume boost.
If you’re sick of hairspray leaving your hair sticky, stiff and full of build-up, this finishing spray is the one for you. You never have to compromise on quality with Paul Mitchell’s special blend of professional-grade ingredients. It’s formulated to be paraben-free, vegan and safe for all color treated hair while still providing a lightweight hold.
With its unique formula made from special wheat elements, you get the thickening power you need to help your hair feel fuller and the control over your hair that you crave. Say goodbye to flaky residue and hello to gorgeous, thicker hair full of life and body with this Extra Body Finishing Spray


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