Matrix Total Results High Amplify Foam Volumizer 8.3 oz 2 pack


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Produce full bodied-lift with Matrix Total Results High Amplify Foam Volumizer. This hair volumizer turns up the volume on tresses to produce touchable thickness that is never hard or crunchy.
An ultra-lightweight silicone-free mousse keeps long hair from getting weighed down and adds the lift you need to get a look you love. Use this foam on fine or straight hair to create voluminous styles.
Foam Volumizer does triple duty, conditioning hair by adding protein while boosting body and enhancing shine. Towel-dry clean hair and work a golf-ball-sized amount of product in from roots to ends. Allow to air dry or blow dry for the most noticeable results.
Apply this styling product to achieve instant lift and up to a 35% enhancement in volume when used with other Matrix Total Results products. Crank the volume of your ‘do all the way up to max by combining the Foam Volumizer with Total Results High Amplify shampoo, conditioner, and other finishing products.