Matrix Biolage Repairinside Shampoo 13.5 oz & Biolage Repairinside Conditioner 13.5 oz Combo Pack


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Using a special formulation of soy and arginine, Biolage-repairinside shampoo is just the product you need to help restore your hair’s shine, movement and suppleness once it has been damaged or over-processed. Additionally, the product has anti-frizz properties and helps deep clean your damaged hair.

To use, work the shampoo into a lather and massage thoroughly into your hair. Rinse completely when finished.

Using a unique combination of arginine and soy, Biolage-repairinside conditioner helps revitalize hair by restoring shine, suppleness and movement to hair that has been seriously over-processed or damaged. The product has the added benefit of deep conditioning and anti-frizz properties.

To use, apply to your wet hair in a smooth, massaging motion. Leave it in for 1-3 minutes before completely rinsing it out.