It’s a 10 Miracle Oil Plus Keratin 3 oz 2 Pack


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If your hair is in need of a rejuvenating boost, turn to It’s a 10’s Miracle Oil Plus Keratin. This hair product offers profound restoration within just a few drops, without leaving behind greasy residue to weigh down your hair. The nourishing formula features keratin proteins to swiftly and thoroughly repair each strand of hair while bolstering your locks against further environmental hazards. Heal hair, fight frizz, ward off heat and UV damage and protect color from fading away.
Miracle Oil Plus Keratin can be used either prior to or immediately after styling hair, but in either case it only takes one or two drops to work. Rub the oil between your palms and then work it evenly through damp hair when applying it before heat styling, allowing it to work as a thermal shield. Alternatively, apply the oil after styling by softly gliding your hands over your hair to add a sleek, shiny finish. A soft-bristled brush helps further work the product into hair in either case.


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