GrandeLash MD Eyelash Enhancing Formula 4ml (6 Month Supply) & GrandeMascara Conditioning Peptide Mascara Black 0.21 oz Combo Pack


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For a clump-free finish look, brush GrandeLash mascara over your eyelashes. This specially designed formula boosts their volume as it lengthens and separates individual hairs for that wide-eyed look.

Each exclusive rich colors of this Italian mascara nurtures as it conditions your lashes with its fortified, peptide infused creamy compound. With repeated use, lashes become stronger and healthier from root to tip.

Create a flirty lash fringe as you brush on GrandeLash GrandMascara for that wide-eyed innocent look. This keratin rich formula fortifies your lashes as you brush it on.

Created to give your lashes instant volume, the peptides and amino acids make them healthier while adding length. The applicator was designed to lift and separate each lash and has hard and soft fibers that allow you to customize your look.


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