FOREO UFO Mask: Call It a Night, 7 pack


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90 seconds is all you need to add to your skincare routine to make a world of difference. FOREO UFO Mask: Call It a Night is the future of at-home facials, allowing you to improve the quality of your skin before you go to sleep.

Fight off damaging free radicals with ginseng and up the hydration with olive oil for a combination that leaves your skin soft, smooth, and luminous when you awake.

How to Use

Recommended to use every morning and evening when skin is dry and fatigued. Secure the mask on UFO device. Press button to turn on & activate Make My Day Treatment. Glide across clean, dry face and massage with device until 3 quick pulses indicate the end of your treatment. Pat any remaining essence into our skin, until completely absorbed.


  • Ginseng and olive oil.