FOREO ISSA play Silicone Electric Toothbrush, Pearl Pink


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For pearly whites and a stylish addition to the bathroom, a FOREO ISSA play Silicone Electric Toothbrush, Pearl Pink is a revolutionary new tool to fight plaque. This waterproof and hypoallergenic brush is designed with a antibacterial silicone that gently massages the gums while effectively cleaning the teeth. It can be used with any toothpaste and up to 800 times without replacing the batteries.

How to Use

1. Apply Toothpaste Use your regular toothpaste and turn on your ISSA play by pressing the center button. 2. Brush Brush your teeth using wide circular motions for 2 minutes; 30 seconds in each quadrant of the mouth. 3. Rinse Turn off your device by pressing the same center button. Rinse your mouth and your ISSA play with water. Repeat twice per day for a fresher, brighter smile!


  • Silicone


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