Eufora Thickening Cleansing Treatment 6.8 oz & Thickening Conditioning Treatment 6.8 oz Combo Pack


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If you’re struggling with fine or thinning hair, Eufora Thickening Cleansing Treatment can help bring life and growth back to your tresses. The expertly designed formula is crafted to regulate oil production and stimulate new growth while nourishing your hair. Massage the rich cleanser into your scalp and hair and work into a rich lather to boost volume and encourage new hair growth. Fortified with nourishing essential oils, this product helps sooth irritation, inflammation and dryness for a healthier scalp. Use on a regular basis to restore dull, limp hair without weighing it down. Combine this cleanser with other items in the Eufora hair thickening line for the best results.

Thin, fine hair is simply hard to shape. It often falls flat, leaving a hairdo lifeless and limp. With Eufora Thickening Conditioning Treatment 6.8 oz, that doesn’t have to be the case. This professional hair care product works directly with the scalp, controlling sebum production and reducing irritation and oil. Wash your hair thoroughly. Then, take a few minutes, allowing this potent formula to sit. That’s all that’s needed to heal and soothe. The product is free of paraben, mineral oil and petroleum, relying on nature to do its work. Need seed oil and licorice root calm the scalp, fighting off bacteria and inflammation, leaving you free of dandruff and scratchiness. Citrus and peppermint oil draw in oxygen, promoting additional hair growth and volume. With this treatment, you’ll enjoy a fresh, full look that shines.


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