American Crew Get The Look Set 2 Piece


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If you’re looking for an amazing shampoo that won’t dry you out, you may want to try American crew daily moisturizing shampoo. This shampoo has been created to cleanse your hair while still providing the moisture balance your hair and scalp need. Use every day for a refreshing, non-greasy and clean feel.
This product was created with panama bark allowing it to work without stripping the natural oils from your hair. The thyme and rosemary extracts help insure that your scalp receives the moisture it needs as well. For added strength and extra shine, wheat protein has also been added.
These properties work to hydrate and moisturize your hair and scalp. Simply wet your hair thoroughly and massage a small about of the product in. Don’t forget to completely rinse your hair afterward.
This moisturizing shampoo has been creating for compatibility with all hair types ranging from normal to dry. It may be used daily for a non-greasy refreshing feel you can enjoy.

American Crew Firm Hold Styling Gel is an alcohol free, high hold styling gel. It has a low pH to prevent drying of the hair and scalp. It is a gel with a flake-free formula and a firm hold. American Crew leads the way in the men’s grooming business. It consistently pioneers the latest style and innovative products. American Crew is used around the globe and never forgets its job to give men the tools they need to create stylish, masculine looks every day.


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