Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Weather Proof 5 oz 2 Pack


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Wouldn’t it be a shame to take your time to style your hair, only to step outside and have the humidity ruin it? Sexyhair Weather Proof is the finishing spray you’ve been dreaming of! This spray can resist the humidity that frizzes your curls and deflates your volume.
The secret to its success is the formula that combines special polymers with botanicals. The result is a spray that locks out humidity without drying your hair or leaving it brittle and undernourished. It’s also paraben-free, so it won’t weigh down your style.
What give Weather Proof its humidity-fighting superpowers? The high-performance polymers create a shield that blocks excess moisture from penetrating each strand, but they don’t compromise the texture. Your hair is still soft and movable, yet it doesn’t droop or frizz.
This finishing spray should be applied after your dry and style your hair. Spray it evenly for all-day control against humidity. Now you have the ultimate climate-control tool in your haircare arsenal


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