Sebastian Shaper Brushable Hairspray 1.5 oz 3 Pack


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Whether on the road or in a hurry, the Sebastian Shaper Brushable Hairspray is a perfect choice for flawless hair. The handy 1.5-ounce size gives you just the right amount, without taking up too much space in your bag or on your shelf. Perfect for sampling, sharing, or using sparingly.
Enjoy the firm hold of this powerful hairspray. Professionals choose this for a balance of strong, yet brushable, body. It’s not like other firm hairspray alternatives that leave your hair sticky or rigid.
Humidity is no match for this shaper hairspray. Whether rain or shine, you’ll have a great hair day thanks to this premium spray. The formula is designed to resist humidity all day, without coating your hair in a sticky texture.
Try it out and see why so many people love this easy-to-use product. It’s specially designed to give you the body you need, without clumping or caking. If extra hold is too much for you, consider other types of Sebastian hairspray today.


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