Sebastian Re Shaper 1.5 oz 3 Pack


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The Sebastian Re Shaper hairspray is beloved by runway editors, stylists, television makeup teams and the every-day woman. Its long-lasting hold and natural lift have made it a favorite of thousands of teams and clients for over thirty years.
One of the most remarkable aspects of this hairspray is its ability to combat humidity. Whether on remote film sets or running down rainy streets in downtown, this styling product is built to tame off frizz.
This hairspray’s fine mist does not weight down or stiffen the hair. It instead creates a flexible hold that lasts from sunrise to sunset. It’s small travel size makes it perfect for touching up hair on the go.
To re-create that long hold, spray on damp hair. For a bonus volume lift, spray onto roots. Touch up hair styles for tousled looks at any time of day.
The Sebastian brand’s excellence and skills have earned it a spot on movie and film sets for more than three decades. Get the same flawless looks today.