Sachajuan Normal Hair Shampoo 33.8 oz & Normal Hair Conditioner 33.8 oz Combo Pack


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Sachajuan provides some of the top professional hair products like this Normal Hair Shampoo. This product is an ideal addition to your regular hair care routine as it provides a gentle, thorough cleanse for normal hair types.

This product is specially formulated with Ocean Silk Technology developed by the Swedish company. This formula stimulates hair at the scalp for a lively and volumized look. The shampoo deeply cleanses hair of impurities like oil and dirt and washes out smoothly, leaving behind no sticky or heavy residue.

This shampoo can help restore elasticity and hair flexibility for a healthier appearance. With proteins and mineral extracts like sea algae, this product effortlessly hydrates and replenishes your hair to create lasting strength and beauty.

A small amount of this product can be massaged into wet hair for a complete cleanse. After rinsing thoroughly, follow with Sachajuan’s Normal Hair Conditioner for maximum hair care. Style as usual and repeat the process regularly for healthier hair.

Your hair deserves the best hair detangler products to prevent tearing and damage. The Sachajuan Conditioner is the best hydrating conditioner for the job. This product is specially formulated to add essential moisture back into the hair for easy detangling and conditioning.

This Swedish design uses Ocean Silk Technology for maximum hair restoration and durability. Natural vegetable proteins and other ingredients help provide structure and volume in your locks without weighing it down with product or residue.

Revitalize your hair with this uniquely developed conditioner to give it a natural bounce and shine. This product works deep into the hair to make it stronger and healthier while adding a dose of protective hydration to ward off future damage like tears and tangles.

This conditioner works well after using Sachajuan Shampoo. Message this product into washed hair, then gently comb through the hair. After 1-2 minutes of working in the product, simply rinse out the conditioner and style according to your preference.


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