Matrix Biolage Whipped Volume 8.5 oz 2 Pack


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Having fine hair can be hard because it always seems to fall flat, but you can fix that with Biolage Whipped Volume from Matrix. This mousse is designed to add bounce without weighing hair down.
Let the foam nourish your hair while also adding shine. You’ll get model-worthy hair that doesn’t look greasy or stiff. Whipped Volume will leave your hair bouncy and flexible.
Many mousse products feel sticky and can make your hair look awful. Whipped Volume is completely different. It adds no weight. You get only body for hair that you love.
It goes one step further by also helping to remove oil and ensure clean hair. The botanicals enrich your hair to make it look healthier than before. This one product does so much that it is a truly a miracle for fine hair.
Nothing compares to this mousse from Matrix. The results will leave you speechless. Bigger, better hair is just one step away when you use Whipped Volume.


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