It’s a 10 Potion 10 Repair Shampoo 10 oz & Potion 10 Repair Conditioner 10 oz Combo Pack


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Wash in moisture and restore strength with each use of It’s a 10 Potion 10 Repair Shampoo. The color-safe formula detangles, repairs, restores and protects against damage.

Using coffee seed oil, panthenol, Indian gooseberry extract, dog rose extract and golden bamboo extract, the shampoo is full of antioxidants, vitamin C, anti-fungals, antibiotics and botanical compounds. Hair is strong, shiny and nourished.

Take your hair to a ten with It’s a 10-Potion 10 Repair Conditioner. This best deep conditioning product is formulated to undo any damage caused from styling, heat, and the environment. You can get the softness and shine you’ve been missing with this conditioner.

You can use this product daily to repair your damaged, dry hair without worrying about it building up or weighing down your strands.


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