ELEMIS Energizing Skin Scrub 2.5 Oz


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Perfect your morning routine with Elemis TFM Energising Skin Scrub. This potent face scrub brightens the skin and lifts hairs to reduce irritation, blemishes and in-grown hairs that may result from shaving. The rapid resurfacing continues even after you walk out the door, providing your face with locked-in moisture and a radiant glow all day long.

This dynamic exfoliator features marine phytoplankton and a Vitamin E base for a natural effect that leaves your skin feeling smooth and deeply cleansed. Shaving is no longer troublesome; rather, it becomes a way to maintain a healthy complexion with ease. The ingredients encourage an even skin tone to boost your confidence.

It is compatible with all skin types, even those prone to dryness or acne. Simply apply a small amount over damp skin and rinse with warm water prior to applying your routine cream and shaving with either an electric or traditional razor. Or, use the skin scrub as shaving cream to soften hairs and make catching tiny bristles easier.


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