CALA Precision Eyebrow Shaper 3 pc & Silky Glide Pro Callus Remover Pink Combo Pack


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Glow-ups don’t just concern the big stuff – details like eyebrows and feet are still key. This Combo Pack from CALA contains both its best-selling eyebrow kit and callus remover. Take this travel-friendly Precision Eyebrow Shaper 3-Piece Set and Silky Glide Pro Callus Remover anywhere you go.

The CALA Precision Eyebrow Shaper tackles stray hairs on your neck, face and brows with its thin edge and a fine-toothed comb. Its fine teeth effortlessly lift each hair away to help you perfectly shape your brows and create a flawless look. This set includes three shapers in beautiful shades of pink, green and purple.


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