Our Story

Hi! We are Nicole Coniglio and Danielle Levy- cousins, best friends, and founders of BeautyRoulette. Together, we saw an opportunity to create a unique, unconventional way to shop for beauty products online. Both beauty lovers, Nicole is a former marketer who’s worked with some of the world’s largest beauty brands while Danielle is a licensed Clinical Psychotherapist with an understanding of consumer behavior/buying trends.

Because of our lifelong flair for gaming and playing the odds, BeautyRoulette was born. We had never before come across a retailer that offered the chance to receive product completely free. So, we decided to create just that. Here, at BeautyRoulette, you’ll find the first interactive destination for premium beauty products, where every customer has a 25% chance of receiving their order free of charge.

Are you ready to become a real player in the beauty world? Good luck!

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